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Pay Per Click (PPC) Management

If you’re looking for an expert PPC management company that can generate leads and reduce your cost per lead (CPL) — look no further.

Get Your PPC Campaign on the Road to Success

Is your business looking to start a new PPC campaign? Or maybe your current pay per click management company isn’t getting you the results, either way, Core Studio. can help. Our highly qualified Internet Marketing team is trained to engage with your team to learn your goals, history, seasonal trends – everything to help get you ahead – and deliver comprehensive PPC management services based on your needs.

We understand what it is you’re looking to accomplish. It’s not irrelevant traffic to your site or increasing your spend with nothing to show for it. You want leads. You want sales. And you want them to be profitable, given the fact that you’re spending a lot of money on PPC. Not only do we completely understand, but we are structured to deliver these results to you on time and without worry.

Core Studio, a leading PPC management company, possesses unparalleled experience and skills in PPC campaign management. We help your business grow by delivering measurable, cost-effective and quick results.

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Drive Business Growth with Exceptional PPC Management

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PPC Campaigns are Measurable

You can always estimate the approximate amount of traffic you can get for a particular advertising budget based on keyword research or reach provided by the platform

Ads are Easy to Analyze

You always know exactly what you're getting with PPC ads because you have all the data in front of you, including the cost of every click, the amount of traffic generated, and the number of conversions you enjoy. The data allows you to easily calculate your ROI and fine-tune your PPC campaign as needed.
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Campaigns are Customizable

That’s right! You can easily customize your campaign and exclude traffic that doesn’t meet your expectations. No need to invest in keywords and segments that don't return anything on your investment.

Drive Business Growth with Exceptional PPC Management

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More Sales Leads and Online Revenue

This is why most clients invest in PPC to begin with, but continuous campaign improvement and expert tactical management are required to boost click-throughs and conversions over time.
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Improved Sales Performance

We encourage our clients to keep their sales leadership teams wired into our PPC campaigns. This gives client sales departments valuable insight about which products and services are drawing attention, and which offers generate interest.
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SEO Insights

Core's uses the results of PPC campaigns to strengthen SEO campaigns. PPC provides useful keyword data, an understanding of the effectiveness of various calls to action and promotional offers, and information about the popularity of various client products and services.
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High Campaign ROI

The impact of more PPC leads and better PPC leads: more sales and better bottom-line results. We earn our fees by producing profitable results for clients.
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Branding Benefits

PPC is an extremely affordable option for extending brand awareness and building brand credibility. During our PPC campaigns, search engine users see the client’s name repeatedly for search queries related to what it sells.
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Competitive Edge

Core Studio PPC campaigns give our clients visibility over competitors on SERPs (search engine results pages) and prevent competitors from acquiring click-throughs on searches for your branded terms.
Why Choose us?


We work with campaigns ranging from only a few hundred dollars to more than $10,000. No matter how big or small your budget, we can help you.

We Care about Your ROI

We don't just run your PPC campaign for you -- we think about what stands behind it, including your business and the money you invest. No matter how much money you invest in your campaign, ROI is the only thing that matters and we do everything we can to improve it.

We Have Proven Expertise

We are Google AdWords and Google Analytics Certified partners, have DoubleClick for Advertisers (DFA) Certification, and have Bing Ads Accredited Professional status. Through our extensive training and results, we have proven our expertise. In fact, Google trusts us to run any kind of education seminar for Google AdWords.


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