We Protect Your Websites

Make sure your WordPress website is secure and protected with Core Studio. Our developers work is to fix common WordPress security issues you may not know exist. By adding an extra layer of protection, Core Studio helps give you peace of mind—and keeps the bad guys out.

Premium Website Security

A platform with tailored solutions to meet your business standards.

Malware Scan

Your website is automatically scanned daily for known and new malware, any form of malicious code and potential backdoors. If our scans find anything, the team will repair any files altered by hackers immediately.

Database Protection

Our team secures your database from SQL injection attacks, which add unwelcome content through the DB. This is a common website attack that we simply won't tolerate.

Backup to Amazon S3

We can backup your website multiple times per day to make sure every change to your site is recorded, captured and available to restore. We backs up your entire website to the cloud so even if your server crashes, nothing from your website is ever lost.

SSL Certificate

We'll support the installation of an SSL certificate. Your URL will start with https, all the data on your site will be encrypted and your visitors will feel secure.


The  wpxFirewall is a cloud-based WAF that stops website hacks and attacks. Our constant research improves our detection and mitigation of evolving threats, and you can add your own custom rules.

Real-Time Monitoring

We monitor websites for hack attempts in real-time, meaning we can respond to any security issues immediately and tighten security as needed based on the individual threat level.

Brute Force Protection

We change your login URL, force strong passwords, set up a firewall and activate automated IP blocking so nobody can force their way into your site.

DNS and DDoS Protection

Resolving your domain through the DNS service is an essential part of accessing your website and can be a target of DDoS attacks, resulting in website performance degradation or even downtime. To mitigate such threats, we partner with the leading managed CDN and DNS service provider WPX and Cloudflare. Those provides ultra-fast CDN and secures DNS built-in service available for free on all security services. We will improve your website speed and security by enabling the Cloudflare DNS and DDoS protection with a simple click via our configuration without any website code modifications.
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Artificial Intelligence Firewall

After resolving your domain, a client makes a connection to your hosting server. At this point, we want to make sure that your website is visited only by legitimate traffic and visitors, filtering any malicious IPs, malware bots and other threats. To achieve this, all Core Stuio hosting services are protected by wpxFirewall. Servers protected by Core Studio learn from each attack and inform each other about malicious activities. This result is a global defense network that counteracts botnet attacks and exploits with a shield of protection for all websites, while also improving performance by filtering malicious traffic on networking level.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

After the initial connection to your website is established, our in-house ModSecurity Web Application Firewall validates the visitor's request against a wide-rage of known application-level exploits. With so many plugins and extensions, Open Source applications such as WordPress and Magento require constant updates and maintenance. With our Application Firewall, you can rest assured that your website is safe even if you miss the release date of the new patch.

Secure Account Isolation

While your website is up and running safely from external threats, the Core Studio also protect your account from possible threats on your host server. Being on a shared hosting service means that you are sharing the host with other websites, which may be a potential security risk. With Core Studio, your account is completely isolated from other clients in a CloudLinux dedicated virtual environment which can not be accessed from outside. This way, even if a website on the same server is compromised, it can never affect your account or website.

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