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97% of Albanian users rely on search engines to find web content. Are you being found?

Meet Your SEO Company

Finding the right SEO agency can seem like a never ending process, and it may seem difficult to determine the SEO experts from the rest of the pack. Finding the right SEO agency with the SEO services that are appropriate for your digital marketing needs, doesn’t have to be an odyssey. Core Studio is a top performing SEO agency with SEO experts and the right SEO services for your business needs.

Do you want a steady flow of traffic to your website without paying for clicks? Then you need Search Engine Optimization services. It can increase traffic in the short and long term, consistently bringing your business new leads. Our SEO services focus on attracting customers to your site by creating engaging, targeted content and improving your website’s technical foundation.

Using keyword research to boost search engine rankings and link building to craft a solid online reputation, we can increase website visibility and drive a consistent flow of traffic to your site. Search Engine Optimization strategies build a foundation for all your online marketing efforts. Get started today by calling us at (+355) 67-555-5400 or contacting us online to learn how our  plans have helped businesses in Shkoder,Tirana,Vlore and beyond.

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Our Search Engine Optimization Services

With our full Search Engine Optimization services, you're getting the entire package to help boost your site including:

  • Analytics
  • Back-end development
  • Competitive research
  • Consulting
  • Content marketing
  • E-commerce SEO
  • Editing
  • Enterprise SEO
  • Front-end development
  • Graphic design
  • Keyword research
  • Lead generation SEO
  • Local SEO
  • Reporting
  • SEO copywriting
  • Strategy development


We are google partner SEO agency with a certified team of specialists having extensive knowledge in Search & Display Advertising
Our google certified SEO experts, provide you the actionable SEO strategies to improve the rankings, increase traffic, and grow your bottom line.
Our mobile SEO specialists assist with redesigns to enhance mobile-friendliness & ensures great usability.Is your SEO agency making the most of your mobile traffic?
Our professionals are digital sales certified and thus helping our client to increase sales along with high rankings and traffic.

We tailor our Professional SEO services to your business.

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No SEO firm can continuously improve campaigns without collecting the right data and interpreting it properly. Our sophisticated, proprietary tracking and validation processes allow us to capture all the information we need to improve your lead and revenue generating results.
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Local SEO

Local SEO campaigns are not just for businesses serving a single local market. Local SEO is also an effective component of broader scope SEO campaigns, when companies seek to penetrate new geographic markets, roll out new products/services, and fight off competitors in hotly contested areas.
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Keyword research

All SEO campaigns stand or fall on the quality of their keyword research. With our depth of experience in so many industries, we have learned a great deal about the nuances of keywords that apply to particular businesses, helping us ramp up campaigns quickly.
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Lead Generation

Generating traffic and ranking for keywords is phenomenal but the most important metric for any SEO agency, us especially, is that traffic and rankings converting into qualified leads and ultimately revenue for your business. As SEO experts we can help you generate qualified leads that are relevant for your business.

SEO Consultancy

Maybe you already have experience with an existing SEO agency or an in-house SEO or marketing team, and would like an expert outside opinion? We can help you analyze where their are gaps in your organic digital marketing efforts, help put new legs into old campaigns, and offer high-level SEO consulting to ecommerce businesses and brands.

Code Optimization

As part of our expert SEO services, we will run analysis on your websites core code and programing.Many times your website could be dragging your SEO efforts down with coding errors that can impact either: site loading speed, a very large ranking factor according to recent Google updates, or your sites ability to load in mobile or responsive browsers.
Professional SEO Services Customized to Your Needs

Search Engine Optimization marketing and management - complete with all technical aspects of implementation and website editing

  • SEO Consulting: For companies that have their in-house technical resources, we work as an SEO consultant that can strategize the best SEO practices and custom SEO strategies for your company.
  • Expert link removal, and link detox services. Core Studio is 100% effective in removing Google penalties. We have removed the most in our verticle as we are over 60+ sites at a 100% success rate.
  • The links we build stay with you forever, ensuring that your site or landing pages maintain a strong position in organic search results for years to come.
Why Choose us?

Efficient campaign management

SEO campaigns are complex, with many month-to-month activities to coordinate, in addition to setup tasks and routine website maintenance. A dedicated account manager who is highly skilled in campaign management and communication will oversee your campaign. With a proven, task-driven system, we run your campaign with the highest possible efficiency, maximizing your SEO investment at all times.

Transparent, collaborative business style

We take the mystery out of SEO — because we believe an informed, engaged client is the best kind. We give you monthly reports that are easy to read, and we detail all of the work, results, highlights and challenges that occurred. And of course we welcome your questions, comments and ideas at any time.

Focus on results

No online SEO company has a greater focus on client ROI than Core Studio. Our strategic and tactical efforts always stay focused on lead generation or online revenue. This is extremely important, since campaigns can easily get sidetracked and completely derailed by chasing website traffic, rankings or “vanity” keywords. Ultimately, you want your SEO campaign to put leads in your sales team’s hands, or revenue into your online store — those are the things we leave no stone left unturned to accomplish.

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Partnering with us means collaborating with a highly amicable team that is more than obliged to answer all your queries. Get in touch with us to know what would be the best-fit solutions for you